8.14.18 Blue Spectral Storm A place has shown itself, a sanctuary place in the woods, near stands of cohosh, fern, ghost pipe, and trillium. A little place to crawl into, through the wooden door, a little place to dream, listen, sit. The open road is light, growing golden this path to devotion, clear air, blue…Read more Place

Lovely Lady

4.23.18 Blue Planetary Eagle Glorious spring mornings, there's light beings dancing in the trees so fragrant early on and fresh, tingling the nostrils with the hint of ripe fruit.  Heart is full to bursting with love for everything! Osprey has returned, circling for a meal of fish, he's stalking the pond, I stalk him with…Read more Lovely Lady


3.21.18 White Electric Wind Morning comes whitely waiting, flurrying softly, snow stars seeds . . . A forgotten world still, magical, heavenly, when open instead of wandering lost in the thrall of reflection flaky fluff, leaving no footprints, nor breadcrumbs, snow white rose red, feast in mother earth's kitchen  . . . by evening birdsong…Read more Snow