Spirits Call: Continuum

Artsongs '18, Red Castle, Red Castle 2018, Sustaining Yellow Sun 12/4 -16

12.8.18 Yellow Overtone Seed

I paint finger labyrinths for use where there is no walking labyrinth near you, or you are interested in using one frequently on your own unique inner journey. Painting labyrinths is, for me, a meditative practice while I journey within creation, a homecoming to an integrative art form that feels just right from deep in my gut and it gives me great pleasure to make them available to you.

The labyrinth is 5” round with ¾” sides that are painted. It is signed on the back, where there is space to hang it should you so choose, and it comes with a feather from my forest abode for ‘walking’ the seven circuits with.

It was painted with spring fed creek water on the new moon in the constellation of The Scorpion, and it is a two path journey . . . you enter, center, and continue anew . . .

To use this labyrinth in your practice, sit in a quiet place with the labyrinth on your lap, enter sacred space, and trace the circuits with your finger or the feather provided. You may use another tool, just choose one that is not sharp or as pointed as a toothpick, as that may damage the canvas or scrape away paint.
If you are a Reiki practitioner or energy healer, you may find this of use with your clients.