Yellow Heartsongs

Moist Red Earth Wavespell 7.14.18 – 7.26.18

Earth fire spirit
Running over hill and dale
Rolling summer days

Clouds slightly parted
A light sprinkling of water
Chickens scratch up dust

Hazy lazy days
Cinnamon sugar melting
Wet curls cling to head

Hiding between stalks
Girl dusted with golden sheen
Silken corn tassels

Hunting wineberries
Scrambling over brushy slopes
Bear drinks from the creek

What delight to greet
The day beside small pink stars
Packed with joyous scents

Hale and hearty bales
Loosely rolled into bundles
Picking through the warp

Peachy sunkissed sky
Bright firefly miracles
Butterflies by day

Comfrey root slurry
Mending our decaying teeth
Eggshell vinegar

Hibiscus paper
Maple and sumac leaves pressed
Flower farm dreaming

Red radiant cheeks
Brow beaded with salt water
Flower grins dryly

Dance of open wings
Moving to a pulsing song
Flower vibrations

How to fix the world
Leave this tired old story
Visit inner realms

Nightmare discussion
Battered bruised humanity

Feel the feelings still
It’s fixating on meaning
Holds it fast in place

Visit inner realms
Touching natural forces
Love humanity

Cruelty exists
Compassion and forgiveness
Shift the paradigms

Exhaustive talking
Reinforces old patterns
Within and without

Silence is called gold
In stillness pure energy
Illumines essence

Morning glory hums
Butterfly is her lover
Quiet communion

Speak no words of this
Behind the chatter is need
With that I engage

I remind myself
Don’t hold onto the congress
Serve surrender

Caterpillar crawls
Transforming in solitude
Winging to commune

Morning glorys song
Hums in stillness quietly
Butterfly flutters

Petaled words give vibrancy
Long after blooms fade

Purple velvet gloves
Etched with golden silk shimmers
Catch a shooting star

Colorful ideas
Plant and paper immersion
Natural creations

She savors sunrise
Drinks dew drops in the morning
Pirouettes with wind

He says I hear rain
Water last night spoke loudly
Listen to the creek

Purple dreamweaver
Kneads amethyst into clay
Spirit pots kiss flames

Kissing ideas come
One on top of the other
Making love slowly

Hibiscus eyes stare
From empty sockets long gone
Yet bones have beauty

The sun sticks to her
Belly bubbles with fire
Yet she doesn’t burn

7.27.18 – 8.8.18 Vocal White Dog Wavespell

Red fox on the hill
Sees the last long rays settle
Swift moving river

Through the open fields
A lilac haze wends its way
Lullaby drifting

After the battle
White robes walk the blood stained field
Stitching the wounded

To be caught firmly
In the grip of conviction
Spider moves freely

In between delight
Petaled proliferation
Four winds blossoms blow

What is beauty full
Jupiter and Venus duel
Warming harmonics

When bee kissed borage
As cool as a cucumber
The whole world lit up

The roaring inside
Quiets when the child is near
Changing woman sings

Go climb a mountain
Drink deeply of the cool breeze
Then climb another

Trucking up mountain
Rainy day colors spraying
Back down the mountain

Chicken of the woods
Blue Heron says to Raccoon
Eating summers end

I ask my judgments
What have you come to teach me
To give you must have

Sometimes it appears
Everywhere people dreaming
Clearly still asleep

Big cloud comes rumbling
Combs her hair with streams of rain
Birds fly from their nests

Blue Heron flies low
Dogs barking reverberate
Dead doe in the road

Mother feels prickly
Barking dogs prowl in the woods
Bear climbs up a tree

I was left hungry
Seven months old milk dried up
The river rages

I was found and nursed
Mother Heron fed me fish

Visits with mother
Soft and prickly at one time
Straddle paradox

8.9.18 – 8.21.18 Dreamers Blue Night Wavespell

Sixteen candles kissed
Flower petals open pink
Blessings in the woods

Magic maker spins
Every moment fresh and new
Garden full of blooms

Down by the river
Rainbows flash underwater
Slippery when wet

Shapeshifting naga
Steps out of her scaly skin
Golden leaves rustle

Full table lunching
Delectable morsels munched
Abundant love flows

Flower sisters sit
Under goldenrod bowers
By night meteors

Fly by night sisters
Singing meteors whizzing past
Crickets in the grass

Goose girl keeps her word
Though she’s lost her mother’s gifts
She speaks with fire

Fairy godmother
In different shapes and guises
Appear when needed

Fly by night dances
Flaming meteors whizz through stars
Rhythmic frog muses

Michael and I bathe
Under a star spangled sky
Meteors shower

Fragrant steam rises
Mingling with the milky way
Crickets serenade

Mushroom medicine
Sentinels in the forest
Praising the devas

Gold flecked crimson drupes
Dangling beside the water
Cavorting fish leap

The day tastes peachy
Climbing the hills is easy
Stars shine bright with you

Mama Bear and cub
On the roadside staring Hawk
Back to this hollow

Bunnies at the beans
But oolaalaa the squashes
Tulsi kale galore

Trooping through the woods
Devas dance around treasures
Gathering this meal

Golden resting place
A few moments of stillness
Ripples lap the shore

Pink morning dances
Hovering on the hillside
A spray of color

Heron’s nonchalant
Long legs in a stand of grass
Serene reflections

Still the water gleams
Silver coin on the surface
Floating within reach

missed it

A string of coral
Beads one beside the other
Rose from the ocean

I was mistaken
One snowflake in high summer
A trick of the light

The saplings grow strong
Sturdy limbs rise from the ground
Children climb brown trunks

A storm comes this way
Tiptoeing between the calm
Crescendo of waves

8.22.18 – 9.3.18 Liberated Yellow Warrior Wavespell

He measures the time
Fingers marking its passage
One digit is long

Erases past soul contracts
Shows the divine dream

The way is now clear
Give Spirit all grievances
Freely live love light

Long after I’m gone
Heron stands nonchalantly
Spearing fish with speed

missed it

Khanum used henna
Hands adorned with suns and moons
She drank rosewater

Twinkle in her eye
Yekeebood yekeenabood
She’d spin the story

I hennaed their hair
Michael, Anousheh, Layla
Isha fans hers dry

Singing Jasper whole
Bright eyed sunny smiling boy
Peace and joy return

In the highest boughs
Chickens in the apple tree
Prosperity thrives

Sun water flowers
Imprinting onto fabric
Energy enthused

Gold key opens door
Perfect abundance flowing
From and to myself

The door stays open
All blessings that are my right
In grace flow to me

From here I return
Sending back what’s mine to give
Blessed be in grace

I met a dragon
Waking up in the garden
He laughed at my size

Knowing we don’t ask
Separate from what’s at hand
Breath mingles as one

See with eagle eyes
Correcting flaws viewed inside
Everything changes

I dreamed of lions
One came across the ocean
Unexpected sight

Red lightning flashes
Cotton candy lips come kiss
Stag beetles flying

Catfish circling
Two gold twigs holding a leaf
Hornets guard their hive

Mysteries mushroom
All over the forest floor
Flirting with old leaves

Awake in the woods
Crickets hop over gnarled roots
Distant stars sparkle

I step through the door
On the other side I find
My hut in the woods

Garden brimming full
Woven with bright swathes of color
Rabbits nibble leaves

Dappled lights aglow
Now in the under story
Late summer blooming

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