White Inkspressions

7/15/17 – 7/27/17 Instinctive Red Skywalker Wavespell

Surrender to flow
You can do it, you will do!
Breathe in out relax

Missed it!

Morning serenade
Hummingbird bares his red throat
I no longer want

Slippery when wet
Yet I had it by the tail
Then it swam away

Blue sky above me
Water below my mother
Behind me fire

Heron stretching out
Dance of many animals
Rippling energy

Mother Dolphin swims
Her daughters swirl around her
Playful afternoon

Sticky icecream face
Racing across deep water
With my three daughters

Cards form a mirror
Encouraging reflection
New memories made

Riverside sojourn
Followed by a wedding feast
Bride and groom waltzing

Grandson comes to work
Old mans’ truck needs fixing up
Waiting for the train

Squirrel on the road
Runs over leafy branches
Highway in the trees

Duck up in the sky
Curves and dives into the pond
Shakes out teal streaked wings

All day I’ve been bored
Sweating and vegetating
Cleaning out my pores

Habits lurk waiting
They want to be worn again
Fill the heavy void

New slow and steady
Bored but keeping open mind
Longingly present

A burst of freshness
Peppermint and honey dew
Gonna move drum beat

Queasiness inside
What is it that needs purging
What’s terrifying?

Emptied of anger
Having nobody to blame
Has left vacancy

Unfamiliar space
Lost within my own body
Sense of self churning

Supporting Michael
Encouraging his dreaming
Bear fruit and flourish

I didn’t know it
When I ran away from home
I ran toward self

Welcome to The Well
Where all things past await you
Penny for your thoughts

Twenty years later
I ran without knowing why
What was I choosing

Here I am this day
Life’s been happening to me
Despite lack of choice

What would twenty be
Were I to make my own choice
Know what I’m doing?

Stay in place or move
Here in The Well there’s thresholds
Recognize them yet?

I didn’t learn that either
Sacred is each breath

Breathe, run, stand, or swim
Inner demons are as quick
They be where you are

Look here in The Well
Choose a wish to speak a spell
The water glimmers

Snake in a bower
Bee balm and yarrow flower
Fragrant resting place

7.28.17 – 8.9.17 Whirling White Worldbridger Wavespell

I’m a devotee
Walking the path of service
Re lease self to love

Owl hoots outside
I am lost in worlds with paint
Rainbow colored hands

Horse ride adventure
New horizons in the woods
Sweet night time theatre

Two fox in the road
Urging travel cross country
Beyond the valley

Invoke abundance
Be our constant friend all year
Generous blessings

Magic in our hands
Two curved bodies join apart
Blue wings glimmering

Just use what you’ve got
Have it all in sight ready
Miracles abound

Foam drifts over green
Purple opens to light pink
Oregano spice

Something new happened
Yesterday a wasp stung me
On my left shoulder

What’s Wasp medicine?
Running round and round the house
Moving calls for help

Firefly inside
Glowing over candlelight
Flickering near moons

I feel defeated
Adrift with dreams out of reach
Far from what I love

Yet I wake daily
Fill my lungs with air and smile
Love sleeps by my side

The dam spills over
Limited capacity
Bottomless rising

Without my anger
I feel frightened and lonely
Arranging bouquets

Forked branch hangs up high
Owl emerges from the trunk
Tulip Poplar grove

Red Maple’s turning
Hummingbird’s flies in the rain
Waiting for bean sprouts

Family affair
Pooling for botanicals
Prosperous dreaming

Layla’s fifteen suns
Initiated purpose
Growing inside me

8/10/17 – 8/22/17 Dispersing Blue Storm Wavespell

Let the rhythm in
A thousand waves of dancing
Flowers have a groove

Je’ parlay france
C’est bon por Layla et moi
C’est magique com si

For decades knocking
Down walls today forgotten
Once was a question

Clear glasses shining
Allow streaming gold exchange
Two year old replies

I want the ocean
To rise up and hold me close
Reorient me

Structure and a groove
Tightrope walking overseas
Confidence building

Missed it!

Straightforward Saturn
Has so much simplicity
Steady oars propel

Some folks sell rubbish
Stinky rotten tomatoes
Money in the box

Unearthed arcana
Solar eclipse time to pray
From deep within Qalb

Shredding zucchini
Abundant harvest provides
Tasty wholesome meals

Moontime gathering
Sitting on the floor sharing
Singing bread and brie

We’re being woven
In a cosmic tapestry
Energy pulses

Turkey calls at dawn
Wasps hiving under the eaves
Facing east to pray

Eclipse approaches
Qalb-al-Asad high above
Blue storm dispersing

Sankofa humming
Ancestral dreams of freedom

Muddy streams flooding
Still water under-current
River changes course

When one person grows
The tribe grows along with them
Communal progress

8.23.17 – 9.4.17 Compassionate Yellow Human Wavespell

As fate would have it
I was uprooted when young
Destined for new growth

New ideas humming
Hibiscus heart opening
Sacred medicine

Lively hermitage
A place to come and grow from
Travelling delight

The giving trees’ gifts
Applesauce with rosy hues
Tingling lusciously

Am I being strummed
Divinity’s instrument
Tune before playing

Color with pencil
Try something different now
Whispered suggestion

Crisp as an apple
Dangling in bunches from boughs
The air has turned cool

It’s all a pretense
The bigoted make big noise
About tolerance

Raise children yourselves
There’ll be no space for thinking
About waging war!

No time for killing
In precious moments of peace
Far removed from strife

Remedy for hate
Have a minimum of two
Be consumed by love

Opening circles
Find her way to alphabet
She says she’s ready

Cheeks pink as petals
Our girls are pulling weeds
Chased inside by bees

Offering service
Elder friends who need a hand
When in times of pain

Poetic posy
Between drifts of violet
Charmingly arranged

Make that banjo sing
Lord, a tune to fill your eyes
Songs that open skies

Tune that banjo well
Lord, hone the player brightly
Music heals the world

The veils are thinning
Time for making big magic
Banishing leeches

We are all seers
We see differing view points
Based on location

First fill water then add
An arrangement of flowers
Bring brightness inside

Gathering of vibes
Splish splashing at the river
Warming up the house

Igniting the flame
Bringing myself to each day
Fuchsia flower glow

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