White Artsongs

12.17.18 – 12.29.18 Spirited Red Skywalker Wavespell

Bright stars mellow breeze
Cleaning the house light shines in
Chicken soup dinner

Now the morning swift
Flies above those swaying trees
Nighthawks swallow moths

The pulse of language
Throbs between utterances
Sung aloud warmly

Beads strung tight form a choker
Cords need silent space to breathe

Going in good faith
Purified and replenished
Holy giveaway

missed it

River of time flows
To be joyful in our lives
Returning to light

Silver eye opens
Wide slits through which to behold
Full moon on water

Travel into fields
Gather milky oats to share
The cream of the crop

Under the old pine
I open my arms and sing
Expressing Asha

O Giver of life
Waters you created flow
Singing your praises!

Your magic calls me
Singing in rivers of life
Healing abundance

Wherever I am
In mossy woods or highways
I feel your presence

O Giver of gifts
Your humble servant am I
Blessed by your grace!

The romance of rose
Pours perfume into soft hearts
Petals open wide

Triangle of trees
Resting on leaf covered ground
Lovers gather songs

A day of cooking
Delectable aromas
Sweetness for my loves

My muse comes and goes
Her devotion toward me
Strong as mine to her

When my muse is near
Rocks crack open and speak flame
She’s multilingual

Her gifts live within
The strength of my memory
Carries them to light

missed it

12.30.18 – 1.11.19 Synthesizing White Worldbridger Wavespell

Searching for new springs
Hoping for hot water streams
Bubbling steamy tubs

The crofter’s cottage
A cozy place for dreaming
While the fire sings

I am the crofter
I am she who feeds the flame
Walking while I sing

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