5.3.18 Red Resonant Serpent GAP

Serpents shed. Push pedals to open shed, send the boat wefting on weaving waters.

Stepping out into the open, today’s a day of new beginnings, I stepped into the pond!

At a snails pace perhaps, but I did something new, we’re all doing some new things as we grow, shed, shift out of shells so blue and breathe into the orange hue. Shifting::doesn’t make shadows and dark go away, they coexist while there’s light, sometimes engulfing other times quiet, I’m learning about them, it’s tougher than a snail’s shell going down to hell and back, and here I am!

Stepping out and following my nose, doesn’t make the clouds go away, chase away storms, they’re part of what makes rainbows happen, how these etched twirled leaves form, part of this circle of life, there is light, and there is also shade and darkness; sometimes starry sometimes murky, fluctuating, I’m learning to weather the storms. It’s hard, harder than a dried leaf!

Softer than a petal, there is dark and in it here is light, hard as bark to see it sometimes even when it’s barking right at me, but I’m learning to see beyond appearance, subtle shifts moving in, dispelling illusion, practicing true seeing, aligning my course with telling the truth as harsh as staring at direct sunlight, sometimes, but it keeps me aligned with a course that’s honestly becoming.

Petals once were on what remains in the core, I’m going in, to my core and find a mixture of unpleasantness and beauty that’s all me, leftovers from before once fragrant petals blooming, I bloomed, now I’m shifting toward core, grittier, finding my grit, sitting with it, wondering, awful, awesome, it’s a transformation that feels less easy than petals flying in the wind, and I don’t know where it leads, part of what makes it marvelous, mystifying, and terrifying all at once, I’m dying to bloom again.

Full circle, turning, shedding, winding, spiralling around, this is my new beginning today, creating in reciprocity with abundance, working out my woes after being with them and learning from the experience, stretching further than before, making space for fresh abundance to come live with and in me, ahead new life awakens, a snail crawls on a log, and the tulip trees send out new leaves that will bloom in the days to come, becoming lush and abundant as well.

Today, a new dawn, to mark it made in creation I entered the pond, for the first time in ten years with my daughters, Isha and Anousheh swam, and we dreamed of summer days swimming naked, on full moon nights, together, apart, together, blessed are we with spring water to swim and shed our skin in!

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