September~Rumi translated by Franklin Lewis


Yellow Castle closes today, on a Yellow Cosmic Star. This month’s book is Swallowing the Sun, where Coleman Barks digests and shares Rumi renditions. I’m walking creatively toward Green Castle, labyrinth open close open, oranges and reds, sunfire colors, underpainted and one complete.

Ya Sami: listening organ, divine hearing without limitation in totality, when the heart becomes the ear then essence and sacred are heard, the mystical ears open and sounds that are heard are comprehended in totality from underlayered hidden meanings to the sound itself conveying nuances and energy, awareness of subtle meanings are known, one begins to listen . . .

Ya Samad:: continuity, circumference of expansive eternal circle whose center is everywhere, reconciliation of one of one and one of many, singularity joins infinity, balance and grounding in the citadel of one’s life

9.5.18 White Lunar Dog GAP

Into the woods with flowers from the garden grown here from seed, into the great garden where I laid out a labyrinth petal by marigold petal, garden meets garden, on the Rumi path, the Sufi path, the spiral path within

9.6.18 Blue Electric Monkey GAP

Shifting flow into joy, cosmos, marigold, zinnia, milkweed

Ya Ghani::ecstatic source, the one who gives existence to that which has none, flow from inexhaustible treasure to all, richness, fullness, sufficiency, remedies boredom, meaninglessness, despair . . .answers Why do I exist?


9.11.18 Yellow Galactic Warrior

Blues return from the Ya Hakim and Ya Rahim palette, pond water autumnal catfish and leaf tones

Ya Razzaq:: gift of blessed providence, the provision of means to provide abundant sustenance, endless gifts of abundance that are the water to nourish one’s plants with to provide fruit, an endless link in the whole happening of fruit . . from water to seed to soil, all necessary, all gifts and blessings leading to the fruit . . . to give one’s own gifts as freely, to give of one’s self that all may benefit from the benefit one has gained in one’s own gift, to keep a circle of provision and providence open to all that all may benefit, mutually



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