March~Triple Wind Moon

In Omens::Noon::painting oranges and purples, paper towel prints, listened to Chiron audios and turned light ideas, book binding possibilities for creation, organize the immensity and potentials into a palette of something . . . feel like sitting with paint, pen, paper, scribbling t out, expanding vocabulary . . .

In Cards:: 2 Disks, Change, Jupiter in Capricorn . . . changing:: season, changing attitude:: toward structure, authority, foundation, discipline, effort, labor, balance, ying and yang, guided by Guru through the realms of Shani, Lord of Capricorn, Jupiter and Saturn, Taurus and Cancer, Earth and Water, mine personally, fourth and sixth house, balancing hearth and service, home and support, heart and pillars upholding, body and feelings, toil and nurturing, regulate, adapt, change

Another month with triple moon! Full on 1nd and 31st, new on 17th, Nowrooz on 20th

Comments welcome . . .

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