Lovely Lady

4.23.18 Blue Planetary Eagle

Glorious spring mornings, there’s light beings dancing in the trees so fragrant early on and fresh, tingling the nostrils with the hint of ripe fruit. Heart is full to bursting with love for everything!

Osprey has returned, circling for a meal of fish, he’s stalking the pond, I stalk him with camera while Michael swordplays and enjoys his week at home, watching the sky, outside, getting light. The world around us is large and beauty full, we only have to see it, perceive it as so for it to be so. At any moment we could shift our gaze, our focus, how we behold what we see and in that blink it could become something other than it is, yet simultaneously it is so, wondrous magnificent delightful. Parallel living. Through the eye of the needle we thread it, our seeing, and in doing so we shape the way we weave our tapestries. Does it boil down to anything? Increasingly I feel as though it’s not luck, random chance, or anything other than choosing from a very sharp still place inside the path we’ll walk and how we’ll walk it, how we’ll talk it, what we’ll engage with, all choices upon choices, and then doors open that present an opportunity to body walk and body talk, embody the thought or feeling based no longer on the internal sense but the external action and how we engage with the opening; that becomes the carnation of thoughts and feelings above and beyond just the good thought or feeling, it builds and adds to it as an affirmation or a negation . . .so based on this, how we choose to engage, we give urselves feedback as to whether we really mean the stuff we think and feel or when pushed through teh open door, our actions aren’t aligned with all those thoughts and feelings, which by themselves then amount to nothing other than hollow self-talk and go nowhere, sort of keep us in a rut of wondering how come life isn’t working or how come we’re so challenged, but inside is the seeing eye that’s going, Your thoughts and feelings are given the opportunity to bring your actions into alignment with them, you’re just not listening or embodying or practicing any of it as action, and activity is the third part, the part that sticks it all together into body as a big yes or no, as an i mean this for real or not , so when Osprey thinks of fish and he flys over a pond he doesn’t just keep going because it’s too far away for instance, he circles and returns and dives and circles, until he catches a fish or in the very least if he’s chased away by crows or dogs, his body knows that he means it when he wants fish, that he’ll work for it, and so fish he gets and a full belly . . . . I find my medicine being with Osprey, being in this circle of life.

By evening we have enjoyed the songs of many birds, Vireo’s Chicakdee’s, Sparrow’s, Robin’s, Starling’s, Towhee’s, and even Hummingbird! Over laced each song trilling whistling caawing in harmony, what splendor there is in music so simple to just sit outside and listen. By evening the golden dandelion flowers have closed for the day under the sun, there are so many this year! Enjoying being with them, round and soft, the bees will surely return soon, though there’ll be mowing happening soon, before which I’ll pick them to syrup perhaps even dry for later use, lest they get shorn and left on the open field of cut grass.

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