January~ Harmonic Moon

In Omens::acrylic flow, shower, home with Layla who baked delicious melt in the mouth snowballs, music movement, printed cards, hen pecked at the front door

In Cards:: 17, The Star (Aquarius)

Full Moon on January 1 then a second full moon, the Blue Super Moon, brings with it a lunar eclipse on Wednesday, January 31 in Cancer moving into Leo

New Moon is Tuesday, January 16


Printed 16 cards to send Shazi for the Waldorf table sale on Feb. 8, she invited me and opened the door for printing to happen! Woke up yesterday morning to soft snow glowing in the moonbeams at 4 a.m, while we slept it flaked and fluffed. Movement and flow has been high this month, in art in heart in light in synchronicities . . . .


The name Jeremy dreamed on New Year’s Eve::God Loosens, Exalted of The Lord, May Jehovah Exalt, Hebrew, Soul Number 4::my enneagram number is also 4 . . .17 reduces to 8, 4 doubled . . .

Comments welcome . . .

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