Inked in Green

Red Birthing Moon Wavespell 12/18 – 30

The feeling fir tree
Lays beside the road waiting
To light up our home

I pray for courage
To celebrate the way dreamed
Open for our guests

Sharing together
The weavings of our living
May it be blessed

Honor ancestors
It doesn’t mean being trapped
Inside their stories

Quit carrying on
As though you were an orphan
The world cradles you

Though you may wander
No matter how many times
The spiral leads home

The hand at my back
Comforting in the darkness
A gentle presence

It is what it is
Through flute and from in the bowl
Enter and unwind

missed it

Dive down and listen
Bubbles in the ocean deep
Speak eloquently

Watery kingdoms
Are the place of belonging
Dreamy realms live deep

Dreaming the landscape
Imagining our homestead
Sparkling inside out

Stepping into light
Feeling myself opening
Generating light

Creator creates
Creation that’s creative
Creating in turn

Poetic pattern
Seven days of creation
Basis for shaping

Through the smallest crack
Light shines brightly inviting
Glow grows in union

Like bread on butter
Mercury spreads it on thick
Depending on place

Six babes I’ve suckled
Sweet warm milk ever flowing
Moo Mother am I

Holiday ghuppla
Waiting for red persimmons
Trusting they’ll be good

Have to keep with trust
Persimmons arrived today
Deliciously ripe

White Harmonic Wind Wavespell 12.31.17 – 1.12.18

Seasoned bark stands tall
Roots drink from ancient sources
Nourished while dormant

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