Hummingbirds and I

11.5.17 White Planetary Worldbridger

My hummingbirds, my jewelled weeds! They hum and whirr and sing along. Pull back, hold steady, aim, release!

In the meanwhile, many leaves have turned over and danced down off trees. The woods are bare and easy to walk through, clear as can be. The full glowing moon shone brightly a few nights ago, haloed by a magenta and blue orb. She said,

“Listen child, this is the time of returning and resting. Gather to yourself what’s dear. Keep your gathering near while resting. As for the other stuff: get clear, sweep out with broom the rooms around you, go through and brush away the stale remains of days gone by, move it over and across the floor, out the open door, and return it in release and surrender. Be tender though you render. Do your work and when it’s done, rest, relax, unwind and follow what you love best. No point beating yourself black and blue over things that you can do nothing about, screwing up your face till its hot pink red and you’re simply fed up. Burn it in the fire, all that gives you ire. You’ve learned from it, bit by bit, it’s done what it had to do for you to be as you are, now you have further to go on your walk with the evening star. Be grateful, you’ve learned and practiced endurance, patience, rectitude, courage, and compassion, now rest, deeply fall into the pile of leaves you’ve gathered that are going with you into the new chapter, pull back, be with love, loving, being loved, steady, aim, and release yourself into the dream calling you from ahead! Listen child, one last thing before you go, doing all I’ve said is well but remember:: it’s a constant ebb and flow, so knowing what you know, don’t get stuck by imagining it’ll last forever and ever, sweep and clean, weep and glean, it all comes and goes, yet with the burning and churning and turning, there is wholeness, the ick the yuck the wick the luck, all together now, that’s how, keep going and I’ll wane and wax glowing with a wow!””

I bowed to Lady Moon for sharing her light, enjoying her beams streaming and washing over me, filling me with gratitude and this:calm resolve.

I stepped out this afternoon, humming toward the pond, where wood ducks swam and flew away over trees in cloudy skies. My beloveds were with me, they ran, I walked, I watched reflections on the pond, revealing nothing of what’s below. This is how it is on the surface. Calm. The children run with their all. Bodies and limbs in motion, knees, elbows, heads all engaged. This is the serenity that lives inside engagement. We have an appointment as yet to come, a celebration of our interwoven lives, spinning out of rest-story, spilling out in love. Appointments sometimes take a while to journey to, yet there’s no hurry, no need to scurry toward it; it is not a fickle appointment, when it says it’ll wait and be there at the convergent time it will be so. This is how it is below the surface. Calm.

The woods are clear, the air is fresh, the spring flows clean and sweet, the crackling fire warms our feet. I wake up in the morning and ask the earth to bless our efforts, for the air to bless our breath, for the water to bless our sweat, for the fire to bless our desires. I wake up in the morning feeling rested, listening to the song of a new day humming and possibilities opening. May how we approach our steps, crawlings, climbings, reachings, imbibings, speakings, dealings, and wheelings daily send healing and love into the universe every time our feet kiss the ground, our lips open, exhaling inhaling, drinking, returning shining beauty reflected in our eyes.


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