Green Heartsongs

Harmonic White Wind Wavespell 1.31.17 -1.12.18

Fatima Bibi
Says serve the experience
She’ll warm our hearts

Fingers burning cold
Frozen water makes no sound
Brightly the sun shines

Train pushes round stones
Up and down the hills it goes
Huffing and chuffing

Foraging’s become
A fad for indulging in
I feel mad at this

Unbalancing woods
Overharvesting the goods
Mapping where to loot

On top of all that
The delusional talking
About path walking!

So called expertise
With no ingrained discretion
Chomping at the bit

Warm azure water
Sinking into the deep pool
Soft flow helps with aches

Stretching out tawny
Innana rose in darkness
Warm though winds blow cold

Frozen pipe in well
No water flowing inside
Hot pad warms it up

A gift put to use
Gratitude overflowing
Water is precious

Rainbows hidden deep
Bricks barely scrape the surface
Solid water holds

Knocking sounds below
While shimmering beads drop down
Crunchy underfoot

Wooden doors open
A tunnel of grooved arches
Moonbeams shine through walls

A bag of rubies
Freely given and received
We want for nothing

Walking on thick ice
Wondering how fishes fare
Snowflakes drop gently

Sometimes I like things
Beautiful extravagance
That’s indulgent waste

Simple reminder:
Ask questions before making
Any medicine

What is it serving?
Is it calling to be made?
Where is it centred?

Stories flowing free
Bubbling out in waterfalls
Sweet fruitful date palms

Black cloud over trees
Caawing to one another
Crows flying Southward

I didn’t listen
When Crows came to tell me this
The Rooster is dead

Warm wind blows
Over frozen ground
Flock of crows

Kicking leaves in fog
Wetness clinging licking skin
Downpour from the eyes

Intent Blue Eagle Wavespell 1.13.18 – 1.25.18

Turning points appear
Dark silhouettes above trees
Birds flying westward

Tumbling down learning to share
Friendship bells tinkle

A Little Match Girl
Ugly Duckling turns to Swan
Love uplifts gently

A welcome visit
Answering a lonely call
Universe gives aid

Rainbows shine from eyes
Snuggling a bundle of joy
Luminous body

Warm sesame treats
Dates with tea boxes of books
A circle of friends

Thirty-one North East
Crows fly from West redbird sings
Woodpecker drums South

The moving compass
Turns to all four directions
Centered this morning

When left out step right
Inside the whole heart beating
Rythmic timekeeping

Dive deep down under
Bottom feeders nibbling fronds
Twirling buoyantly

The color of joy
Gratitude sparkles on snow
Hands in blue mittens

Bouncy Bunny bounced
Up through the sky with Woody
Eating moon carrots

Jasper tells stories
Coming to life bright and fresh
Love brews in my heart

Wild woman dances
Shaking her mounds round she goes
Intent energy

Coloring the world
Orange in the sky tonight
Juice in the belly

Jasper says surprised,
“Aamee’s growing a moustache!
That is so funny!”

Running through puddles
Soggy snow boots and wet socks
Bare feet feel better

Four oh one is five
Homespun babies come alive
Morningside dreamsong

Curled up on my chest
Sweaty curls feather and fluff
Sticky evening snooze

Talking about cats
How to bring one to our home
Pick it up on road

Climbing the red gate
At Buddy’s broken car place
He had one good time

When left out step right
Inside the yellow center
Sprouting where there’s light

Grounded in presence
Hands hover for a moment
Choose to leave it on

Allow light to shine
Pick up the glowing strands shown
Weave health in to dream

Vivid Yellow Star Wavespell 1.26.18 – 2.7.18

Wild horse running free
Acrobat on a trapeze
Anousheh’s theatre

Space opens to share
Friends who care are supporting
Joy comes through service

Lunch with three youngest
Enjoying food together
Our day out to town

Manuscript on moving truck
Bears crossing the road

Received an invite
Visiting old relations
Have an open heart

Why reach for the moon
An orb with no inner light
Constant reflection

Energetic food
Served inside an earthen bowl
Luminous stars shine

There has been enough
Fighting is only one way
To be a warrior

Dream reveals castles
Forgiving inner sanctum
Moves apology

Peeling clementines
Adorning little fingers
Sunshine in the mouth

Uji rides her horse
Racing Olympic champion
All around the world

Inspiration moves
Brightly purposing service
Integrated whole

Rivulets moving
Rain showers down from full clouds
Earth welcomes fresh gifts

Our labyrinth
Beacon of healing beaming
All the way through space

Though it’s midwinter
I feel the sap rising up
Aromatic days

We each have our own
The intent you show up with
Is all that matters

The ground holds so much
Texture line curvature forms
Downcast perception

Linking to the light
Finding it lives everywhere
Juncos wing thrumming

A nest of juncos
Hidden by thick cedar boughs
Thrumming from inside

Long hollow stalks snap
Windwalker pipes through the reed
A thrumming of wings

A misshapen thing
Came out before the other
Dead with beetroot throat

missed it!

Art moves outworldly
Laying the final touches
Tugging at my heart

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