Blue Heartsongs

5.23.18 – 6.4.18 Integrated Red Serpent Wavespell

Casting off the bones
Dipping into clear water
Gurgling with joy

Me and my dragon
Watch the bones be pulled away
Trucking down the road

The joy in giving
Flowers sprinkled on water
Bathing under moon

Giving Faith closure
Weaving endings into new
A rite of passage

Sky emptying out
Bathing in the pouring rain
Heart pitter patters

Laying the tub in
A whisper floating on dew
Heart feels aglowing

The old one blushes
Her young friend’s gaze is open
Interest flowers

There once was a frog
Who sat and contemplated
Aquatic edges

Fluctuate again
On this merry go around
Up high and down low

The passage changes
Water trickles through the cracks
Embracing Spirit

Rose petal syrup
Sugar and salt concoctions
Full moon poetry

This path I’m walking
Has brambles in the hedgerow
But aaaah the roses!

Floating on the pond
The come and go clouds above
Sun shines with laughter

This is the challenge
For purpose to come find me
Stop seeking it out

Shower of blossoms
Swirl around the sacred grove
Rainmaker sings

missed it! boo!

Whispering pages
Invite me to walk the aisles
Dining with my girls

Found the hacksaw blade
Inventing a solution
Removing old parts

Vision came found me
Carrying Mother Earth up
She sang on the ridge

Rock has moss for hair
Growing all over his back
Sharing whispered tales

Seriously short
Finding flowers dangling jewels
Earth talks with the stars

Clear White Mirror Wavespell 6.5.18 – 6.17.18

Inking the papers
Getting greeting cards ready
For those who wish them

Green cloaked boy at night
Moves through the grasses as one
Determined footsteps

Always beginning
Ending and bringing again
Adventurous souls

The truly sacred
Has no need of protection
This is how you know

Dancing fireflies
Flickering in the grasses
Coyotes chase them

Whispering moonbeams
Leave their traces on her skin
Sparkling in the sun

There are some people
Mirrors who show us our own

Surrender to this
These people are teaching us
Wholeness of being

Instead of running
Listen to the discomfort
It is essential

Preparing heart gifts
Rose flecked morsels shaped with love
Honor the children

Here between green leaves
Fiddler plays a merry tune
Ants do a line dance

Squeaking down the road
Rumbling thunderstorm speaking
Adjustment of plans

Clear priorities
Stridently clad in denim
Blue electric eyes

Is this how it is
To lose yourself in thunder
Find yourself in rain

She kisses my brow
Let go of all your worries
She fills me with love

Giving massages
Beneath the maple trees boughs
Caressing young skin

He buries his friend
Bumble bee under brown earth
Small boy with big heart

Some people wage war
Loosing a torrent of words
Cleverly disguised

Observing loosens
Tight knots holding ideas still
Pointing to the heart

Underneath blue sky
Flowering water singing
Mother goddess bathes

Rabbit moon shimmers
Abundance dancing our way
Luminescent night

Swimming in the pond
Moving things around the grounds
Slow days unwinding

Delicious cherries
Salty sweat and golden skin
Reading the bee tree

Fleas biting hotly
Suddenly feeling lonesome
Slowly peach ripens

Resourceful Blue Monkey Wavespell 6.18.18 – 6.30.18

Catfish swims with us
A mouse reads recipe books
Cooking late at night

Open heart open
Cast off the pinched expression
Face love openly

Under crescent moon
Singing fireflies goodnight
Daylilies dreaming

Fragrant morning walk
Listening to twittering birds
Drinking rose water

Hidden inside rose
Catbirds have woven their nest
Safeguarded by thorns

In the heart of rose
Catbirds have woven their nest
Thorny concealment

Startling yellow flash
Blazing in the heat of day
Shady interlude

A day for dancing
Dancing in the rain until
The sun shines again

Sunfish for heron
Sunfish brought home by our sun
Sunfish for us all

Cleaning up the house
Inhaling milkweed fragrance
Simple bouquets please

Travelling with friends
Celebration of all souls
Swimming in the lake

Sunshine and rain clouds
Sharing stories while feasting
Creating blessings

Michael’s getting wet
Playing with newts in the pond
Rainy day walking

Frustrating people
Tired of circling around
Over and over

Full of heated air
Ascending to greatest heights
Panoramic views

Slowly losing wind
Bag lands in a field of sheep
Bleating while they graze

Clouds cracking open
Steady sound of falling rain
Heat rolls off the roof

Sweet little kisses
Diamond droplets on water
The moon glows golden

Waiting for reply
Need big picture clarity
Before responding

Fidgety stillness
Perhaps it’s doing nothing
In need of practice

Giving a massage
Salty water drawing sweat
Healing energy

Flower power high
Shining brightly authentic
Singing walking way

Constricting headbands
Held in a vice lock tight grip
Heartflow blocked by throat

This is where I feel
The tension in my mother
Clear this energy

Healing relations
Generate flow from the heart
Circulate upward

Giving gratitude
Daily daylily flowers
Plant healing inside

Inclusive purpose
Embracing those who turn up
Giving cups of mead

Willingly and joyfully
How I want to do

Summer meadow blooms
Tiny flowers forming one
Fragrant fiesta

Kissing mother earth
Fingers caressing her warmth
Rinsing off in pond

Gratitude flowing
Hummingbird lives in my heart
Thrumming with love

Sister butterfly
In a blue castle transforms
Yellow seeds quicken

Quickened Yellow Seed Wavespell 7.1.18 – 7.13.18

We live with shadows
Cast out yet attached to light
Redeeming ourselves

Be kind to yourself
During the transformation
Rest and awaken

This love is the torch
Set ablaze from deep within
Sustains hummingbirds

Shadows walk the plank
Cast by Captain Clouds command
In the gloom flowers

Shadows walk the plank
Captain Cloud commands cast off
In the gloom flowers

Captain cloud casting
Shadows leap as ship sails past
Inside gloom flowers

I have whirled with stars
Shining through indigo skies
Nine drops of rainfall

How did I get there
Many ways to reach the stars
Mine through a vortex

Orange lips open
A moment of eye contact
Fish slips under me

Haiku poet seeks
From one whose sole fits the shoe

This haiku poet
Seeking representation
From who the shoe fits

Art and Temperance
Dragonfire fourteenth year
Icecreamcake for son

Rumbling overhead
Flying inbetween the lines
Goldfinch seeks shelter

Peace of mind comes with a price
Simple deep breathing

Dragonfly returns
Resplendent shimmering wings
Reflective entrance

Heavy black cauldron
Sinks under water bubbling
The gray goose hisses

Terracotta pots
Hidden under horseradish
Bullfrog far from home

Glazed tiles and mangoes
Under the bridge men shape clay
Marigold garlands

Empty clay vessels
Sprouting leaves and fluffy seeds
Goldfinch comes to dine

Listen do you hear
Thunder rumbles our way
Earth absorbs raindrops

Flowering ideas
Sprouting out of clay vessels
Potterbee series

Terracotta pots
Flower women and flowers
I want to paint them

Cauldron bubble stir
Inner fire stoked by air
Allow the stillness

missed it!

Clay shaped play woman
Curiously spirited
The door ajar creaks

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