August~ Eclipse Moon

In Omens . . . begin Shazi’s birthday painting, glue and garden ballast ordered, warm cloudy henny fanned day, asked Ahmad the time, he said 11:11 . . . napped with Jasper, he snoozed comfortably cuddled, a quiet house, Anousheh and Michael ‘sword’ playing outside.

In cards:: 3 of Disks, ‘Works’, Mars and Capricorn . . .

Moon’s in Capricorn from 6 – 8th. Moon opposite Mars (in Cancer) on the 7th. Lunar eclipse on Full Moon at 14 degrees Capricorn, Sun in Cancer.

Mercury retrograde in Leo begins on the 12th through early next month.

Mars enters Leo 4 degrees on the 19th.

Solar Eclipse on New Moon at 14 degrees Leo, Rahu is at 7 degrees, Sun is in Leo, Sun trine Uranus (retrograding at 2 degrees Pisces through next year sometime though my Stella Natura chart and astros differ, shows Uranus in Aries sidereally, how?), Mars is somewhere in Leo though shows Mars in Cancer, Mercury is retrograding through Leo during eclipse, and my chart shows Venus in Gemini though the astro chart has her in Cancer . . .what’s the deal here? . . .discrepancies, though both charts are astronomical and not tropically oriented though what I’m seeing on is a chart tied to Vesuvius at 2:30 p.m on 8.21 and I don’t know where the calendar was plotted for Stella Natura . . . mostly I refer to my calendar for information on a day to day basis, now I’m seeing there are tiny differences!

Saturn stations direct at 7 degrees Scorpio on 25th

Comments welcome . . .

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