December~Learning to Share

Art of The Book, Synthesizing White Worldbridger 12/30 - 1/11, White Castle, White Castle 2018

E.T. Jamesyn’s Learning to Share, page says one thing in big letters: FOCUS

12.29.18 Red Cosmic Serpent

Mum commissioned a book for Shazi’s 39th birthday, to be used for her to write recipes in. Isha embroidered a piece for the cover, and Mum sent fabrics that I used to glue the pages together on. She also sent a beaded piece I’m incorporating into the back, and pictures of her kalamkaars for me to print on some of SHazi’s college day art papers to collage in. She’s mailed me a packet of quotes she handwrote on slips that I’ll also collage in. So far I’ve worked on this over 10 hours and have lost track of time after the tenth hour! It is now bound together on fabric from a shirt she wore when pregnant with Leif that I’ve added to the back and cover.

12.31.18 Blue Lunar Hand
Wrapped up the year in Art of The Book as Shazi’s Agave Pantry Tome, finished complete, focused, to share!