Second Night of Solstice:I Feel Words

Carding & Spinning, Mandalas, Mandalas '18, Red Castle, Red Castle 2018, Sustaining Yellow Sun 12/4 -16

Blue Galactic Hand 12.11.18

I trudge through piles of pink blue snow. Fresh flakes quickly fill the path I leave as they land, feather light. The path disappears under snowy mounds disturbed by my lumbering legs; they shift and slide, soft and deep, eating up my trail. There is a glow ahead, glimmering between the flakes that spiral into my face and latch on to my eyelashes, the tip of my nose; I lick them as I walk toward the glow emanating from a giant, a giant tulip tree which stands above all others in a grove of tulip trees. Once upon a summer day, a sea of dark green leaves waved by their feet, with white plumes that rose bearing sprays of those tiny beads that were incandescent black cohosh blossoms. Here l pause and catch my breath, shake out snow covered skirts, and knock booted feet together at the heels, knock knock knock.

I hear the sound of a key turning in a lock, click, and a door creaks. Carved from the rough bark of this giant tulip tree, scattering pink blue snow all over my boots and skirts, it slowly swings open and rays of light spill everywhere. I blink, momentarily blinded; then digging in the pockets of my skirts I pull out a small teak box inlaid with zig zagging streaks of turquoise and moonstone, which holds what I need. A pair of obsidian lenses. I pop them in under my eyelids. A few blinks later my sight adjusts and I see into the illumination. A tin can hangs from a branch on the other side of the open door; I step inside and see that it’s filled with nuts and seeds. Then I hear thumping below my feet and I feel them. I feel them rising.

I feel the words, they rise out of their coils sinuously and snake their way up; where they hammer with their heads to penetrate roots, rocks, and deep clay. I feel the words, they rise, arching their backs and undulating to enter the whisper of a crevice where they climb out and curl around my booted feet. I feel the words bind me to the ground in a tight grasp that holds me fastened in place. I feel the words, rising, inching their way up my legs and thighs, wrap me in a skirt then sprout leaves as they twist and vine higher. I feel the words, rising in an embrace that dresses me in a girdle of green, while they send out tendrils to catch branches and begin pulling.

I feel myself lifted up from the ground, out of my boots, pulled by strong words into mid air, suspended for a breath while they weave to and fro, lightning quick, then they drop me into a sling and I swing, pushed by the words. I rise higher and higher until my toes touch drifting clouds, pregnant with snow, and with a tap of words knocking them open, they give birth to a swirl of flakes. I reach out and catch them one by one, pull them toward me, then cast them out again, while the words send me flying on their swing.

I feel the words, descending in a mantle of white across my shoulders, spilling feather light onto the ground below, forming a blanket rolling down the hill. I feel the words wind their way through a crevice into the kitchen, where they whisper love songs, rising to wrap themselves around loaves of bread, lifting them off the counter for a moment, and then with a sigh they come to rest. I feel the words inside dough, rising to leaven and crack open crumb, while outside a golden crust forms in the bowels of a hot cauldron. I feel the words make bread from earth, water, fire, and the chiming of pipes; rising to catch air currents they fly out the chimney and bring me bread to eat where I swing.

I feel the words fill me until there are no more words.
Only silent digestion.

Then the vultures come. They pick through the scraps, gnaw curls from my boots, render green skirt and girdle, chew through the swing, leave bones in their wake.
I feel the words, rising they rush as a wave toward the skeletal remains awaiting fleshing.
I feel the words and the world is made whole for word is holy presence.

I feel the words as they travel, fleeting swift, a glimmer in shooting stars, slick ice and thoughts to quick to catch by hand.
I feel the words as wild horses run knee deep in waving grasses, hoofbeats pounding, kicking up quickening dust, they enter the blue green river and swim through foaming rapids, nostrils flared, in action.
I feel the words, red and tart, jewels held in pomegranate bellies until ripe, then skins peel open and they spill into the mouth of an earthen bowl, ruby lips rimmed with sugar, salt, and spice.

I feel the words thumping below my feet, rising, until they reach my ears and kiss me and then there is silence and the words are gone.

I feel the silence, in the silence word gestates and then a world is born.

In silence I reach for the tin can and step outside the door.

I kneel and brush away snow then quietly arrange seeds, oily green, powdery yellow, shiny orange, and creamy kernels; they’ll feed the world beauty, joy, nourishment, sustenance, and harmony in the depth of dreaming winter.  I feel no words while I work, I feel peace.

First Night of Solstice:Ashem Vohu

Artsongs '18, Red Castle, Red Castle 2018, Sustaining Yellow Sun 12/4 -16

12.10.18 White Resonant Worldbridger


1. On waking up in the morning.
2. When lighting a Divo.
3. Before meals, interview* or exam*.
4. Anytime you start something or come across a hurdle or danger.
5. The next time you see an ambulance or Fire Engine with sirens blaring
6. As evil thought tends to enter your mind
7. Remember to pray it with your family.
8. As you fall asleep.
9. Anytime when prayed is an act of virtue
10. After coming in contact with dirt or filth. ???*
11. In pious memory of Holy Farohars.
12. As many times as possible in the ear of a dying person till Sachkar
13. Time of receiving first news of death of a hamdeen.
14. Time of performing Sezdo (last respect) to baste kustiyan
15. When the Angels come to escort you to your heavenly home
16. Anytime

USHTA TE! [May Happiness be unto you!]

When this manthra is chanted correctly, the sky blue coloured vibrationary
energies build up a type defence system to keep the reciter away from
evil onslaughts which endeavour to take possession of the body and mind. As
a result the unrighteous thoughts that come out of the mind in the form
of negative energies are trapped into this envelope of the Staota of Ashem
Vohu, and transmitted into Gav or positive energy.

Zarathushtrian science teaches us that an evil thought, word or deed should
be disliked, but not the person.

Piety (asha) is a divine power that conducts Divine order so as to lead the
entire Cosmos to its final aim (Farshogard). Asha in its broadest sense we
know is righteousness. It is also a divine power in a concrete form. It is a
basic foundation of entire cosmos together with all the divinities. Hence
Ashem is that divine power. It is therefore Vohu (good).

The person who developes this power of Asha always thinks good of others,
and not of himself . Implied in this is humbleness and absence of ego, the
bane of evil. So Asha is not merely good, it is (Asti) the best (
Vahistem), a power of highest excellence. It implies that a person who
possesses Asha is capable of doing immense good to others and gradually
starts acquiring Behman, Good Mind, thinking and acting like a Yazad . This
type of thinking progresses further towards Ahura, the source from which
Bahman emanates.

Such a state can only be achieved by developing Asha.

Thus Asha is a beneficial power which every Mazdayasnie Zarathushtri should
strive for.

Asha brings eternal bliss, Ushtaa. Such a gift is (Asti) bestowed on
him/her, who has acquired Asha , for the aid of spiritual progress.

This state of Eternal bliss (Ushtaa) which shall lead to the state of
immortality is given unto him (Ahmaai) who will endeavour for acquisition
of such Asha, which is absolutely necessary for attainment of Farshogard.

Then, (Hyat) only this state (Ashaa-i) shall bring the utmost piety
(Vahishtaa- Ashem) to him.

Note that in Ashem Vohu, there is Vohu (man) and Asha (Vahishta).

The word Ushta comes form Ush , the light that illumes us from slumber (Usha
– dawn , ushi -conciousness ). Hence Ushta also connotes spiritual
awakening,illumination or self-realisation. In view of this matter
consider Zarathushtra, Zarath -ripe, perfect, bestower of Spiritual light
(ush-tra ).”tra” is a suffix showing medium or agency.

Spirits Call: Continuum

Artsongs '18, Red Castle, Red Castle 2018, Sustaining Yellow Sun 12/4 -16

12.8.18 Yellow Overtone Seed

I paint finger labyrinths for use where there is no walking labyrinth near you, or you are interested in using one frequently on your own unique inner journey. Painting labyrinths is, for me, a meditative practice while I journey within creation, a homecoming to an integrative art form that feels just right from deep in my gut and it gives me great pleasure to make them available to you.

The labyrinth is 5” round with ¾” sides that are painted. It is signed on the back, where there is space to hang it should you so choose, and it comes with a feather from my forest abode for ‘walking’ the seven circuits with.

It was painted with spring fed creek water on the new moon in the constellation of The Scorpion, and it is a two path journey . . . you enter, center, and continue anew . . .

To use this labyrinth in your practice, sit in a quiet place with the labyrinth on your lap, enter sacred space, and trace the circuits with your finger or the feather provided. You may use another tool, just choose one that is not sharp or as pointed as a toothpick, as that may damage the canvas or scrape away paint.
If you are a Reiki practitioner or energy healer, you may find this of use with your clients.