Second Night of Solstice:I Feel Words

Blue Galactic Hand 12.11.18 I trudge through piles of pink blue snow. Fresh flakes quickly fill the path I leave as they land, feather light. The path disappears under snowy mounds disturbed by my lumbering legs; they shift and slide, soft and deep, eating up my trail. There is a glow ahead, glimmering between the…Read more Second Night of Solstice:I Feel Words

First Night of Solstice:Ashem Vohu

12.10.18 White Resonant Worldbridger ASHEM VOHU, VAHISHTEM ASTI USHTA ASTI, USTA AHMAI HYAT ASAI VAHISHTAY ASHEM 1. On waking up in the morning. 2. When lighting a Divo. 3. Before meals, interview* or exam*. 4. Anytime you start something or come across a hurdle or danger. 5. The next time you see an ambulance or…Read more First Night of Solstice:Ashem Vohu

Spirits Call: Continuum

12.8.18 Yellow Overtone Seed I paint finger labyrinths for use where there is no walking labyrinth near you, or you are interested in using one frequently on your own unique inner journey. Painting labyrinths is, for me, a meditative practice while I journey within creation, a homecoming to an integrative art form that feels just…Read more Spirits Call: Continuum