Rilke: Illuminating

Art of The Book, Green Castle, Green Castle 2018, Intent Blue Eagle 1/13 - 25

1.24.18 White Crystal Worldbridger

Finding a rythym with the initiation of being left out to die . . ..what does it mean, to be left out?  to die?  left out.  right in.  rythym is a dancer, or a woman walking the wilderness of her soul, carrying her child through the darkness, she must find her way, or they’ll be left there to die on the mountains of the heart . .. blossoms, brave blossoms brighten as courage blooms out there in teh dark wilderness . . . I know not what Rilke wove into his poem, its ‘meaning’, but this is the art that it moved from my heart, feeling hearty and curious as to the way I’m painting, echoing colors and motifs from one to the other, connecting . . . there’s something suddenly simple, yet feels powerful, sailing within . . .  an energy in motion . . .