July~Frog Moon

Green Castle, Green Castle 2019, Lunattune, Lunattune '19, Vibrant Yellow Star 6/30 - 7/12

In Omens::  Noon: discussing dream of long hot summer with potential for fire at blueberry harvest time and how to divert dangers by way of sympathetic magic, clarity of caster::spend alot of time with ‘summer’ who acts as a conduit/lightning rod to dissipate.

In Cards::10 Wands Oppression, Saturn in Sagittarius

Currently Saturn is in Sagittarius, retrograding, my 11th House!  The lunar Eclipse on July 16 has the Moon conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius along with Pluto conjunct, all three opposite Venus, with Sun in Gemini.  How and where do I oppress/suppress my fire, passion, contain restrain and control it so that it doesn’t burn within the collective world of patrons and community?   How do I sabotage myself by feeding fear of fire in ways that prevent me from harvesting blueberries instead of making it dangerous?  Time to get clear on these things and transform them, dream out of the potential instead of retreating by focusing on danger . . .kindle the inner fires, explore passionately, like that poem that came out of summer dreaming, so juicy and vital, build from there, beautiful expression, opposition cooperation leading to passionate transformation that’s constructive . . .by way of dissipating destructive fears.