Forty Two:Wholly Magical

10.11.18 White Crystal Worldbridger 10.17.18 Yellow Overtone Human Wise words from Sharon McErlane: "The world is not in a political crisis, an economic crisis, or a climate crisis. It's in a crisis of values. This is what causes the crises that ravage the world like a cancer. What is the cure? In a word: love.…Read more Forty Two:Wholly Magical

Lovely Lady

4.23.18 Blue Planetary Eagle Glorious spring mornings, there's light beings dancing in the trees so fragrant early on and fresh, tingling the nostrils with the hint of ripe fruit.  Heart is full to bursting with love for everything! Osprey has returned, circling for a meal of fish, he's stalking the pond, I stalk him with…Read more Lovely Lady