Carding & Spinning, Cordial White Wind 9/17 - 29, Green Castle, Green Castle 2018

9.27.18 Yellow Spectral Human

Wind picks up sheets, rising water overflows, and the saturated ground squelches underfoot. I step into the opening and begin walking toward the dim distant light. The ground is muddy near the entrance, then changes to gritty damp under my bare feet a little further in.

I walk toward the dim light, gradually growing brighter, revealing torches wedged into grooves on the rock walls, their orange yellow flicker casting a glow that bounces off red and ochre rocks, gleaming where water trickles through cracks, casting shifting shadows in pockets untouched by candescence. I walk through streams of water where the trickle meets the ground and runs, making a dash for lower ground. Before long I’m in an enormous cavern where a group of people is gathered, chanting.