Unconventionally Uranus

Blue Castle, Blue Castle 2017, Kissing the Cosmos, Sovereign Yellow Seed 10/14 - 26


Started the road during the Seer’s White Mirror Wavespell:: some acrylic paint then went over it with watercolor pastels later.  Uranus feels vast spacious glowy flowy kind of empty and endless, going ahead into unknown territory, exploring.  Sun and Uranus in Libra, symmetry and balance with the road going through sunny fields of dreams in openness.  Exploring, travelling, streaking over distances comes easy in Airy flight with 9th House freshness:: will travel in dreams, mentally, seeking freedom and liberation.  Feels like it comes natural, attuned to Aquarius in my 1st House:::inventive as far as thinking differently goes, compassion for humanity, new ways of doing things (flashlight unpredictable moments like let’s give HFC 10 grand and have them match it, totally exciting!!), observant, attentive, curious to discover and experience for oneself::the road and what’s on it.  Applying all this to all forms of relating, be it human to human or human plant animal cosmic metaphorical dreamtime storytime, distilling meaning from expansiveness and putting it to purpose; comes flowing as simply as breathing.  Uranus Sun Libra Aquarius 9th House 1st House all together oomph!

So many roads to travel, moving ahead on one under big sky.  Step out and dare to adventure, fly solo, you are the map the map is you, breathe in focus persevere despite perversity.  Added a few small collage elements that felt Uranian to me, then painted some more until it rests, the picture, with the traveller paused on the road to look at the map, orient, the inner warrior stretches out while the navigator orients, one foot on the road straddling the kundaini field of dreams where tepees are power grids dotting into the distance, fields of energy, Unranus::empowered and enabled from inside::yoga.

Forty One

Blue Castle, Blue Castle 2017, Mandalas, Mandalas '17, Sovereign Yellow Seed 10/14 - 26

Oh what a day of turning into one past forty with tribe and later Lindy and Peter joining in to share their vibe.

Forty one . . . what’s to be done this year, with heart wisdom and integrity near, attention the insurance and clarity the shield against stupidity, vapidity, hysteria and muteness:: politeness up to a point, too much is self-dupeness!

Yearning, searing, churning, burning, forty one, what’s to be done cooked in the pot, what’s hot and ready to serve, what needs a longer stewing in juicy verve until it’s prepared, what’s itching to be shared, dared, bared?

Speak out when there’s something yuck to spit about, hold it in, practice the breathalation meditation name by name over and over, chew on succulent tips of clover, wisdom ageless sometimes nameless, Mother Teresa could be Baba Yaga, chew on chaga, Elephant and Swan do the trunk neck dance, glance::what’s attractive, what’s the thread, how many counts that cover head, in and out the heddles fill, warp chain winding yarn round and round and round the barn . . . lilting rythm, tilting reed, the loom awaits weaving in deed.

Forty one where am I now, anam cara come somehow, forty one dance and sing, release surrender with a new ring, malachite azurite, the whole world on my finger . . . .