Sherry’s Birth Chart

Artsongs '20, Prepared Yellow Warrior 1/24 - 2/5, Yellow Castle, Yellow Castle 2020


What comes to mind when you hear the following words?

Sun- bright, hot, beach, sunset

Moon, white, night,

Earth, damaged, mud, large, wide, travel

Fire , burning, orange, hot, ashes , damage

Mystery, intriguing, sexy, naughty, cheeky fun

Money, fun, holidays, comforts, possibilities, freedom

Beauty, pleasant, serene

Air, breath , clear, delicious

Water, peace, harmony, fun, beach, play , life

Goddess, beauty, graceful, mystic, spiritual

Speech – nervous, stressful , long

Relationship, love, flowers, Union, bond, trust

Mercury, beats me

Creativity, art, priceless, timely, colourful

Venus, the planet

Love, interesting, mysterious, playful, fun, silly

Roots, deep, plants, food

Learning, fun, time consuming, powerful

Difference, odd, unlikeable

Work. Painful, boring, repetitive, political, fun, long

Fortune, gold, lottery, monetary, backyard

Travel, fun, experience, adventure

Death, normal, dark, over the top, sad, ritual

Sensuality, body sex male female organs

Laughter fun happy expression

Mars red far

Jupiter far away

Fear scary challenging

Saturn I’m confused re the planets and what to say for them – magical? Distant? Sparkly?

Living, having fun , enjoyment, being present

Children, fun playful loving innocent

Service, responsibility, task

Passion, love, sex, never ending, drive, ambition

Shapes, abstract, fixed, restricted

Repulsion, puss, lamb, vomit

Wealth, emotional , physical, monetary, love, health

Union, togetherness, friendship, trust, loyalty, goals

Teachers, inspiring, difficult, cocky, arrogant

Boundaries, understood, limits, stern, fixed

Friendship, trust, open, laughs, yourself, fun

Luxury, beach house, garden, flowers, massage, vacations

Birth uffffffff, painful, empowering, slippery, uncomfortable

What foods/drinks are you drawn to right now?

Water, homemade food

What colors are you drawn to right now?

Blue, white, skin tone, peachy pink

What numbers are you drawn to right now?


What living creatures (animals/insects/plants/birds/etc) are you attracted to right now?


What stories are you drawn to right now?

Owls and goodnight moon

If you had to pick only six things to take on a trip to an unknown location and had six minutes to do it in, what would they be?

beach bag(always ready to go) dresses underwear, camera,charger and cell phone


Place the following in a direction:

South spirit/soul
North mind
West hands
East heart

What activities or essentials does your Heart imagine when feeling joyful and content?

Going for walks, floating in the sea, looking at water and being out in nature while having the city close enough for easy access to being in amongst it (people) being around fun humans

What activities or essentials do your hands need to be purposed and useful?

Cooking, creating and typing

What activities or essentials does your mind need to experience clarity and focus?

Clean home, clear space, dose of the ocean/bay and a walk to the park

What activities and essentials does your spirit/soul need to soar?

Orgasms, conversation and peaceful living

From the following words, pick no less than four and no more than six
that you want to focus on, clarify, expand on, organize, set as a long term goal,
or need fresh ideas for . . . . if none of these words answer the question, then
use other words instead  . . . . . beside each word write whether it’s
a focus/expansion/clarity/organize/etc. . . . . and again,
if there’s other things you’re doing (instead of focus/set goals/etc.) place those instead.

Family- expansion

Creativity- fresh ideas

Relationship- focus

Harmony- focus

Work- clarify/ goal/ organise

Fortune- long term goal

Final piece has the following affirmations:

North: I am observant and inquisitive, I share clear insights prudently.

East: I am passionate and compassionate in all my relationships.

South: I am attuned with harmonious rythyms and emanate harmony.

West: I am enthusiastic and playful when I apply myself, I bring joy to my endeavours.

Comments welcome . . .

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