Blue Castle, Blue Castle 2019, Mandalas, Mandalas '19, Resilient Yellow Seed 3/18 - 30, Tribal Vibes

White Electric Worldbridger GAP

Noruz Blessings everyone, on this glorious Spring day of the Vernal Equinox.

May the seeds we sow with nurturing sprout and grow, flourish, and provide nourishment.

May the tart and puckering moments that smart also bear medicine and illumination, as do sumac berries, as does the rising sun.

May the blossoming days be lush with fragrance that delights all our senses, may our inhalations and exhalations be filled with gratitude.

May we behold and appreciate beauty circulating around us, from within the star seeded core of apples flowering and ripening to each delicious bite by day and by night.

May our fruits transform with patience giving both wine and vinegar, mulled and fermented, holding pleasure and healing in equal measure.

May we enjoy a vigorous, abundant, hale, and hearty new year, grounded as garlic.

May our best dreams hatch and come true, thriving and alive with vibrant hue.

May the wisdom of our ancestors and elders, teachers and allies enrich, support, and guide us.

May our nuttiness mingle with sweetness and generous sprinkles of warming spice served with fresh flowers poured over rainbows and ice.

May we remember to ripple and return in equal parts all blessings received with joyful compassionate hearts while we weave and wend on our crossing paths.

May the Boar be with us when it’s courage, determination, and endurance that we need!

Noruz Mubarak ❤

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