Spirit’s Call: Wild Rose Gusto

11.28.18 White Galactic Wizard

I am thrilled to present this labyrinth and wee book in collaboration with my sister’s spirit pot, which she pit fires in her Arizona desert home, from the earth for the earth, a perfect complement to a labyrinth! Our vision for this offering is interweaving our practices in harmony to share as an integrated whole creation with you.

The labyrinth is 5” round with ¾” sides that are painted. It is signed on the back, where there is space to hang it should you choose to.

The spirit pot has a 3″ lip, is roughly 5” at the widest part and 4″ in height. It has gila woodpecker feathers and citrine adorning it.

The book is roughly 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″, with 20 watercolor paper pages imprinted and infused by plant allies from our enchanted forest abode . . . goldenrod, sumac, hibiscus, morning glory, and fern . . . mingled with plant allies from other gardens of eden . . .black beans, avocado skins, and turmeric. They were brewed wrapped with cloth around rusty stakes unearthed from under leaves, infused with prayer for the spirit of peace full cooperation and alliance to bathe all beings on earth.

Imbued with rose petals, rose quartz, and apatite essences, also reflected in the colors of pigment, this 5” finger labyrinth comes with a feather from my forest abode for ‘walking’ the path by hand with.

The labyrinth sits like a drum skin on the spirit pot, just so, where it can be placed and used in contemplation, combined with the spirit pot energizing it from below. In it’s belly is the book, where intentions, prayers, and affirmations may be written and placed within the pot . . . due to the nature of materials used in creating, the book can be burned, buried, given to the river or ocean when your rite is complete, if you so choose.

The qualities of the essences integrated into the painting are suitable for dissolving emotions that are stuck in the muck, facilitating their release and re-storying in loving kindness with relationships with ones self and others that were thorny and entangled , as well as focusing on where and how you want to increase and embrace your ‘appetite’ with an open heart and a sense of nourishment, emotionally and creatively, while shifting from apathy toward enthusiasm.


Comments welcome . . .

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