Spirits Call:Amethyst Jubilance

Artsongs '18, Naked Blue Hand 11/21 - 12/3, Red Castle, Red Castle 2018

11.27.18  Red Resonant Skywalker

I am thrilled to present this labyrinth and wee book in collaboration with my sister’s spirit pot, which she pit fires in her Arizona desert home, from the earth for the earth, a perfect complement to a labyrinth! Our vision for this offering is interweaving our practices in harmony to share as an integrated whole creation with you.

The labyrinth is 5” round with ¾” sides that are painted. It is signed on the back, where there is space to hang it should you choose to.

The spirit pot has a 3″ lip, is roughly 5” at the widest part and 3″ in height. It has mourning dove feathers and citrine adorning it.

The book is roughly 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″, with 20 watercolor paper pages imprinted and infused by plant allies from our enchanted forest abode . . . goldenrod, sumac, hibiscus, morning glory, and fern . . . mingled with plant allies from other gardens of eden . . .black beans, avocado skins, and turmeric. They were brewed wrapped with cloth around rusty stakes unearthed from under leaves, infused with prayer for the spirit of peace full cooperation and alliance to bathe all beings on earth.

Imbued with forsythia, lilac, lepidolite, amethyst, and citrine essences, also reflected in the colors of pigment, this 5” finger labyrinth comes with a feather from my forest abode for ‘walking’ the path by hand with.

The labyrinth sits like a drum skin on the spirit pot, just so, where it can be placed and used in contemplation, combined with the spirit pot energizing it from below. In it’s belly is the book, where intentions, prayers, and affirmations may be written and placed within the pot . . . due to the nature of materials used in creating, the book can be burned, buried, given to the river or ocean when your rite is complete, if you so choose.

The qualities of the essences integrated into the painting are suitable for transforming patterns and habits via dreamwork and intuition, clearing mental negativity, gaining fresh perspective where stagnant and stressful memories are concerned while choosing joy and maintaining an open mind, and restoring harmony.

Upon request, I have the essence used to paint with, as well as forsythia and lilac individual essences available as 1 oz. bottles. Contact me for information.


*A Bit of Information for the Curious*

The labyrinth has been used for centuries by people’s across this planet as a walking meditation circuit, a walking metaphor circuit, by means of which to contemplate, attune, seek inspiration, align with wholeness, and access wisdom; among other purposes.

One enters and walks the path, which leads to the center, the heart or core of the labyrinth, and then one turns and walks out on the same path. There is no getting lost on this journey. Unlike a maze, with endless dead ends, entrance points, and exits, in a labyrinth the way to walk the path is known; being known, it is relaxing which facilitates meditative awareness spiraling from without, into the center within, and then unwinding with fresh perspective, unearthed treasure, or simply a sense of serenity.

Personally, I find it to be like inhalation and exhalation while breathing. Because the path is known, much like breathing is ‘known’, the mind doesn’t hover and sits back giving space for deep yet gentle movement, internally and exernally, while circulating into, pause, and out of the labyrinth. That said, this is one way I regard the labyrinth, bringing with me to the experience . . . and each person’s experience will be unique and personally informed; in my eyes there is no wrong way to a labyrinth, its very form has no ‘wrong’ way giving open space to unwind (and find clarity).

There are labyrinths around the world for walking.
I paint these finger labyrinths for use where there is no walking labyrinth near you, or you are interested in using one frequently on your own unique inner journey. I bring to them earth essences from fresh flowers and stones that I craft with plants I’ve either grown myself or gathered from the wilderness, infused in spring water either by the light of a full moon or at high noon. I add droplets to my brush water, so the painting is literally imbued and shaped with the essences.
Painting labyrinths, is for me, a homecoming to an integrative art form that feels just right from deep in my gut and it gives me great pleasure to make them available to you together with spirit pots. They complement each other very well, and may amplify your purpose in conjunction.

The following is from my sister, Shazieh, at Agave Pantry (https://www.facebook.com/agavepantry):

“Spirit Pots are my utmost favorite process, bringing clay to life. These pots are handthrown on a wheel and stamped with either a dry cholla or saguaro rib marking them with the Sonoran desert where I reside. Hand burnished with rose quartz, they are then dressed with copper, seaweed, banana peels, dry coffee grounds, oxides, and salty twine. Each pot is carefully wrapped and dressed for the fire. I use a modified metal can to mimic a primitive pit firing. Layering sawdust amongst the pots, the can is filled and sprinkled with a variety of combustible, organic materials and fired on a new or full moon. I also add some stale teas to the fire in lieu of throwing them away. An offering of sorts to the spirit gods. The fire burns overnight absorbing moon magic. Each opening is awe inspiring, as I surrender to what the fire will reveal. I then wash each pot, dry it, reheat and rub it with hot local beeswax. The last step involves tressing and bejeweling each pot with found feathers and a gemstone.

These pots are not food safe nor are they meant for the ritual of eating but rather the ritual of feeding your soul. Fill them with your intentions for the month or let them hold the spirit of your smudge smoke once you are done cleansing. These spirit pots are intended to be used in ritual and healing. Together, as sisters, we bring these to life keeping spirit alive.”

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