Spontaneous Solstice Creation

Artsongs '18, Blue Castle, Blue Castle 2018, Resourceful Blue Monkey 6/18 - 30

White Self Existing Wizard Core Day 6.21.18

Solstice swimming picnic with Mirabai at Sherando. Woke up and collected baby blankets and a book for her friends blessingway, walked past Isha’s mother-doll and thought, Oh I should have made her one. Then outside thought, You know I still have time to make one before she comes, hmm. So got to it and crafted this blessingway motherearthmother doll as a giveaway with prayers for spiralling energy to flow through down and out, easy birth, and all blessings. Felt very excitedly open with the doingness of beingness flowing. Happy soulstice.

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