June~Rabbit Moon

Blue Castle, Blue Castle 2018, Integrated Red Serpent 5/23 - 6/4, Lunattune, Lunattune '18


In Omens::Midnight . . . feed the fire and whoosh, light up the room. Noon . . . Clover’s barking up the hill in the woods, strange bird calls, feeling grateful for wild yeasts, microbes, sweat, fresh water and air that grow singing groves of tasty sourdough.

In Cards:: 8, Adjustment

6.15.18 Yellow Spectral Star Core Day

Fired up the tub for the first time, half an hour and whoosh!  HOT TUB!  Filled with evening primrose, comfrey, rose, mint, lemon balm, artemesia, and fleabane, with salts and geranium, neroli, patchouli, and clary sage essential oils, with prayers and prayers and grateful heart, for this Venus of Willendorf shaped Mother and siren daughters bathing into the evening, the heat lasts two lovely hours; bunny hopped in grasses and played enchanted wondrous day.

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