Blue Castle, Blue Castle 2018, Integrated Red Serpent 5/23 - 6/4, Mandalas, Mandalas '18

6.1.18 White Planetary Wizard GAP

Have been enjoying the fluttering of tulip poplar petals drifting in showers to the grasses, today I felt the call to shape a mandala with them.  My surprise was great when I began picking them up and found they’re the wilty worn out petals and the bright orange, creamy green ones remain cupped on the tree as yet!  So what I was asked, so what if they’re not in their prime?  Do they have to be in their prime to serve creation, cocreation, maybe they want to be honored as they are to serve as yet?  I gathered them into a basket and found myself picking comfrey, Jasper’s ‘finding flower’, they had helped me find something!  And the fragrant roses, bright as they are, their color is not what delights me, though it dazzles, its perfume, wowww!  I breathe and breathe it in and admire the loveliness of scent, feel gratitude that the air is fresh and clear to carry, does the rose speak with the air filling it up with fragrance in a coversation heady and strong, deeply heartfelt?  I love mandala making, I admit to this::I feel as though I have no real ‘skill’ in it, very basic shapes and forms come out yet I dream more will happen with years of doing, or perhaps the expertise in it is not at the heart of the essence of its purpose?  I don’t know though I long to shape beauty with flowers that just sets the jaw loosely dropping, opening immediately the hearts door, softening it with awe and wonder and delight!  Heart dream, as yet, I follow the whispers of withered flowers, the bumble bees buzz, the scent of roses white and red, and dive into what simple shaping comes with a sense of gratitude warming my heart.

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