Heart Compass, Poetic White Worldbridger 4/14-26, Spring, White Castle, White Castle 2018

Out in the open
A façade maintained with sprays
Not a weed insight

Some people prefer
Monotonous green expanse
Toxic maintenance

Some people prefer
Unhealthy relationships
Shows in the garden

Listen to gardens
They’ll teach about the people
Living inside them

Some people turn from
The medicine that’s bitter
Ignorance their bliss

Give dandelions
Room to grow and they’ll return
Potent medicine

The glittering smile
Brightly conceals deep rooted
Bitterness below

Heating what’s frozen
Circulating stagnation
Dandelion clears

Eat dandelion
Stimulate digestive bile
Healthy absorption

Soft white unblemished
The outer appearance hides
Steel wool wrapped in silk

Dig into your thoughts
Examine the golden yolks
Fertile dormancy

Crack your thoughts open
Whisk the yellow yolks and whites
Cook then eat omlette

Now let your thoughts go
They’ve given their medicine
Dandelion sun

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