New Moon Claiming

Mandalas, Mandalas '18, Poetic White Worldbridger 4/14-26, White Castle, White Castle 2018

54.15.18 Blue Lunar Hand

Wind Eagle rattling around!  Wind Eagle seas peas on the ground!

We sowed our first seeds today, duly different:: beside an altar, an offering, laid upon the stump in garden, on site tableau with findings from the beds, hyacinth petals given by Jasper, pea seeds, around the blue hued turkey tail growing off center and a bit.

A claiming day, a medicine day, a birdsong of a day from morning on, with swallows right above my head, sparrows, chickadees, finches, red winged blackbird, owl, rooster, and hens, what music playing around the white whorls of sweet fragrant plum blossoms, clusters so light and sweet!

Claiming my naming:affinity with flowers from inside the name:healing:flower:flower:healing:woman:medicine:woman:in my own words, owning my world.

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