April ~ Golden Moon

Lunattune, Lunattune '18, Sailing Red Skywalker 4/1 - 13, White Castle, White Castle 2018

In Omens:: Noon, fed ex man exclaims, “Tell me this is 166!” having brought up the persimmoms after delivery exception delay gone awry come aright, persimmons are still good! Biting cold inspiration moving found poetry from art page to word of wonderment and awe . . . fairies give indestructible wonder all our lives long . . .

In cards::Saturn in Libra, 3 of Swords, Sorrow the over thinking inward turned mind limiting, restricting, confining becomes then a source of sorrow, self-destructive mindset biting cold the blossoming soul and freezing it before the fairies get there, inner rhythms to learn from, and skywalking bridging worlds through the month, put these to rest, these ingredients that are self-inflicted struggles, rigid and fixed, attend to where rigidity and limitations enter from without and rustle up the response that is the same and deliver it with the same spark the fed ex man had, give it up already, surrender it, and what seems awry isn’t once you make the journey, you arrive at 166 after all with fresh fruit . . . my Sun in 9th House, Saturn in Cancer in 6th . . . Air and Water, in this case structuring emotions and treating them in orderly ways becoming self-inflicted suffocation . . . or perhaps not tending to emotions and flowing with them, giving them air and space to breathe becoming self-limiting cycle of sorrow . . . the sword of truth is guided by intuition, which in turn is part of Cancerian realms where my Saturn is, blocking the emotions there, walling up what’s going on then effects intuition too, freezes it cold . . . so keep the indestructible wonder that allows the exclamation in the adventure of going into the unknown . . . chill or be frozen!

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