February~ Wisdom Comes Dancing

Art of The Book, Birthing Red Dragon 2/8 - 20, Red Castle, Red Castle 2018

2.18.18 Blue Spectral Monkey

This month off the shelves, Wisdom Comes Dancing:: Selected Writings of Ruth St. Denis on Dance, Spirituality, and the Body.

Feeling spring fresh and stepping out lightly into greens and yellows, the table has a few works in progress, bouncing off the collage elements gathered for Springing Up . . .

Today a poem from Mum and a request for a painting around it from this, her eldest, feel into it and see what comes a-dancing . . .

My eldest could see right into my heart
Telling me all she saw

The second, pressed my feet,
Knowing just when they ached

The third wiped unshed tears
Off my cheeks, which only she could see.

2.19.18  Yellow Crystal Human

And we continue on this journey . . .

2.20.18 Red Cosmic Skywalker

Continuity in the field . . .

2.21.18  White Magnetic Wizard

And Wisdom Comes Dancing artfully into completion at night

Comments welcome . . .

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