September ~ Ignition Moon

Blue Castle, Blue Castle 2017, Intuitive Red Serpent 9/5 - 17, Lunattune, Lunattune '17

In omens:: 12:04 . . . foggy misty mountain, time dissolve painting three pictures simultaneously for three hours, ladies and tigers . . . Layla colored a blue rat Jasper watched . . .green tea made by Anousheh, delicious.
In cards::The Hermit, 9

9.30.17 . . . three simultaneous events this month:: Sascha came over and stayed for dinner and long tarot reading, Eileen invited us for a goodbye before her trip to Africa visit, and Lindy invited us for a ladies storytelling potluck gathering . . . I dreamed a time dissolving into one moment with many parallells all simultaneous for the first time . .. this morning stepped out and lo! a dead rat facing away from the house was right out the door?!!

Celtic Swan Story:

Aengus had fallen in love with a young woman he had seen, seen in his dreams. Each night he would close his eyes, fall into a deep sleep, and dream only of her.

It took him three years of searching the length and breadth of the land before the young woman of his dreams was found by him. Her name was Caer Ibormeith. Every second year, she and over a hundred other young women, were chained in pairs, and were transformed into swans for a year.

Aengus was madly in love with her, and was told he could indeed marry the young lady of his dreams, but only if he could identify her in her swan form. Aengus looked at all the young women who were now swans, but to him, they all looked the same.

Inspiration came to him. He immediately turned himself into a swan, and recognised her at once. Much in love, they flew away together, singing beautiful music that put all listeners asleep for three days and nights.

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